As an adult survivor of childhood abuse, have you had “The Moment” yet? It’s that moment in time when it dawns on you that you hadn’t thought about the negative effects of your childhood abuse—shame, anxiety, low self-esteem, just to name a few—for even a minute, an hour, a month, or maybe even years.

It is the BEST feeling, this being-in-your-own-skin feeling, this feeling of newness, completeness, all the shedding-of-lies-ness.

If you’ve felt it like a whisper, all your own then gone, then fight for it all the more. It is the ash of your soul that can only be stoked by hard work and perseverance: journaling your pain, speaking your pain, sharing your pain with a friend, counselor, and/or pastor. Fight.

If for some, you’ve been blessed enough to have moved on from a whisper of peace to a mostly tranquil life, please pray for those still fighting, waiting, anticipating, for the day that The Moment for them will no longer be fleeting, but long-lasting.

I wish you God's peace.

Rev. Sherri L. Board, M.A.