Dreams are searchlights, lighthouses of the soul. They illuminate the inner workings of our souls: of our minds, our wills, and our emotions. And for the adult survivor of childhood abuse, more often than not, adding dream analysis to his or her Christian Temperament Counseling aids in bringing to consciousness those things in the subconscious that may be causing conflict. For example, let's say that a young girl was abandoned by both her biological parents and throughout her life had recurring dreams of being rejected. (To dream that one is being rejected can mean that one is suffering from low self-esteem.) Through dream analysis, this young woman's low opinion of herself can be brought into her consciousness and dealt with. Empowering her. Things that she may have been doing unconsciously that negatively impacted her life may have been something like her inability to say no and/or people-pleasing behavior.

Reverend Board will guide you in interpreting your own dreams. She does this from the viewpoint of an adult survivor of childhood abuse, herself being a survivor and recipient of the benefits of understanding one's dreams. If you would like Rev. Board's support as you analyze your dreams, please click on the link below. Once payment processed please send your e-mail by clicking the link or completing form.

One Dream Analysis